“Better still are those moments that create their own space. Every so often, The Arbonauts amassed: a yellow-gowned choir sending a birdsong chorus whooping through the woods.”

What’s On Stage – The Soaring Sky

“Immersive experience experts Arbonauts are back with another mind-bending mixture of art, theatre, music and low-lighting.”

Time Out – The Desire Machine

“It’s worth grabbing a ticket now while you can even if only for the thrilling experience of discovering this rarely visited underground location.”

Town Daily – The Desire Machine

“Arbonauts are back with a new show exploring the origins of one of the most fundamental drives of human behaviour – desire.”

Fashion Globe – The Desire Machine

“Step into London’s secret ‘Hades Hotel’ with Arbonauts…more than enough to tickle your imagination and interest.”

Run Riot – The Desire Machine

“intriguing and magnetic…a unique combination of physical theatre, operatic music and a very limited yet careful use of the spoken word.”

Fashion Globe – Biped’s Monitor

“Extremely dynamic and highly physically engaging…perfect for those seeking unconventional theatrical experiences.”

A Younger Theatre

“Surreal, beautiful, wry and whimsical…Epic in scale. If this is how Arbonauts do fledgling then I’m looking forward to following them on their immersive adventures.”

LIFT – Biped’s Monitor

“Biped’s Monitor will create a leafy haven in a secret urban location”

The Times Saturday Review